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Check Engine Light "ON" Diagnostics


    Plenty of automotive shops offer a free check engine light diagnostic. But don’t be misled: that free reading usually only tells a part of the story but doesn’t uncover the problem in its entirety.  Free checks typically provide a code that narrows down the location of the problem but doesn’t tell you exactly what is broken or how it can be fixed.  The check engine light, also known as the MIL (MALFUNCTION INDICATOR LAMP) has three possible conditions.  MIL Status can be either "OFF", "ON", or "FLASHING" depending upon the severity of the problem.  Accurate professional diagnosis is a must to save on costly and unneccesary part replacements.


    At Max Holton's Performance Automotive Service, we treat your car’s check engine light with the same thorough approach that our expert ASE-certified technicians take to all our services and repairs.  If the light is on and you want a detailed, honest assessment of the health of your car, our automotive professionals are ready to provide the highest level of service.

Diagnosing Your Check Engine Light

    The check engine light indicates that there is a problem on a particular circuit.  But it doesn’t always mean there’s a problem with a part.  It could be interference within the circuit or another malfuntion.  Max Holton's Performance Automotive Service will not recommend or sell you a repair unless your car absolutely needs it.

    We do thorough diagnostics testing along with a computer analysis to find the cause of the problem and avoid unnecessary repairs.  Your car is loaded with wires, sensors, and computers.  The check engine light means there’s a problem, and problems don’t solve themselves without attention.  If the root cause of the light coming on isn’t diagnosed accurately, the problem will just reappear, sending you back to the automotive shop.  Let Max Holton's Performance Automotive Service save you time and money by doing the diagnostic check right the first time.

    Rely on our ASE-certified technicians to properly find the root of the problem that caused your check engine light to appear.  It could save you money or prevent a future part failure.

Quality Repairs at Honest Prices
Guaranteed satisfaction with a 30 day warranty on labor.  We strive to earn your trust by returning the replaced worn out or broken components, leaving no doubt the cause of mechanical failure.  No pressured sales techniques or recommendations for un-needed parts and labor.   Just honesty and dependability at affordable prices.  You'll see why more and more customers recommend

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