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Power Steering

Ever notice that when you turn your car off, your steering wheel is suddenly hard to move? That’s because the steering in most modern vehicles is assisted by a finely-calibrated pressure system that gives drivers more sensitive control. This is called power steering, and when it isn’t functioning properly, it can be very difficult to operate your car safely.

If you’re having problems with your power steering, we invite you to contact us at Max Holton's Performance Automotive Service today. For years, our expertly trained auto repair professionals have been changing the way our customers think about car service.  We’re ready to assess the condition of your vehicle, walk you through your repair options, and ensure that you feel good about getting back on the road as soon and as safely as possible. If your vehicle has a powersteering fluid leak(s),we will find the location/cause of the leak(s) and make necessary repairs.


Servicing Your Power Steering System:

Your car has an electronically or mechanically powered belt that drives its power steering pump. This pump pushes steering fluid to the steering gear, which allows for smooth, responsive steering control while you’re driving. Over time this fluid can become contaminated and less efficient.

Signs of a power steering problem include:

Heavy or stiff steering wheel
Groaning or squealing noises when you turn the wheel
Vibrating steering wheel
Erratic steering assistance
Power Steering fluid leaks

At Max Holton's Performance Automotive Service, our skilled ASE-certified power-steering technicians are ready to assess the condition of your power steering system.  If necessary we will perform a full power steering fluid flush to clean it out and restore it to functionality. We’re ready to provide your vehicle with new steering fluid that meets the manufacturer’s standards. If there is another, more serious problem with your power steering belt or pump, our professionals can provide you with repair options for that too.


Quality Repairs at Honest Prices
Guaranteed satisfaction with a 30 day warranty on labor.  We strive to earn your trust by returning the replaced worn out or broken components, leaving no doubt the cause of mechanical failure.  No pressured sales techniques or recommendations for un-needed parts and labor.   Just honesty and dependability at affordable prices.  You'll see why more and more customers recommend

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