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Cooling System

Coolant flushes provide many benefits to your cooling system. It is important to maintain your cooling system, just like every other part of your vehicle.  At Max Holton's Performance Automotive Service we recommend a coolant flush once every three to five years to keep your cooling system working effectively. If you don’t remember when your vehicle last had a coolant flush, our team is ready to help you.


The engine cooling system is comprised of several parts, including:

The water pump
Anti-freeze (or coolant)
Upper radiator hose
Lower radiator hose
Heater hoses and control valve
Cooling fans and clutches

First things first, the cooling system is not the AC system. While air conditioning is a nice luxury, the cooling system is vital to your car’s drivability.

The cooling system has three primary functions:

Keeps the engine from overheating
Keep the engine’s temperature high enough to meet emission requirements
Provide heat in the winter

Keeping your engine at a safe operating temperature is the main goal of the cooling system. This is easier said than done. The cooling system utilizes coolant (also called antifreeze) to dissipate heat created by the combustion engine. Coolants are typically a mixture of ethylene or propylene glycol with de-mineralized water.

It’s also important to note that coolant does not last the entire lifetime of the vehicle.  It needs to be consistently monitored.  The cooling system doesn’t need a full maintenance overhaul with every oil change, but the antifreeze levels should be checked and corrected. It’s also important to check the quality of this fluid.

Why Coolant Is Important?
Your engine temperature is maintained by a flow of antifreeze, also called “coolant.” When we do a coolant flush, we push antifreeze through your car’s cooling system to completely clear out the old antifreeze and any contaminants that have built up. All the old coolant is evacuated from the system so that when we put new antifreeze in, it won’t just mix with the old.

At Max Holton's Performance Automotive Service, we recommend that the condition of the coolant or antifreeze be checked to see if a cooling system flush is required.  If it’s been a while since your vehicle received a coolant flush, call us today.

When Should You Schedule A Maintenance Service?
Most manufacturers recommend full service every 30,000-60,000 miles (or 3-5 years). While your cooling system does not need frequent work, there’s no better auto repair shop than Max Holton's Performance Automotive Service. During service, our ASE-certified technicians drain the old coolant and refill it with fresh coolant, ready to work.

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